Please use this example of a direct family line that we require from the person who is testing their DNA.  Please copy this with your own family tree do not worry if you are unsure of some facts, as a local Family Historian I can double check on your behalf.


YDNA ANCESTORS of DAVID BROOKS (48674) R1b1a2a1a1b4*

1.         David Brooks:  26th March 1933 – Pannal Ash, Yorkshire, England
Married:  31st August 1956, Harrogate
Bernice Henderson (6th Oct 1936 Harrogate, Yorkshire 21st March 1996 Killingbeck, Leeds, Yorkshire)
Death: 1st January 2012, Harrogate.

2.         Ronald Brooks:  18th June 1903, Pannal Ash, Yorkshire, England
Married:  17th December 1927, Harrogate
Kathleen Amy Gordon (20th June 1905 Harrogate, Yorkshire – 27th June 1966 Harrogate, Yorkshire)
Death: 17th May 1971, Harrogate.

3.         Henry Brooks: 29th October 1877, Pannal, Yorkshire, England
Married: 8th April 1902, Harrogate
Emma Wood (22nd July 1874 Harrogate, Yorkshire – 28th October 1905 Pannal Ash, Yorkshire)
Death: 14th July 1958, Pannal Ash.

4.            George Brooks: 19th January 1844, Bilton with Harrogate, Yorkshire, England
Married: 8th April 1876, Harrogate
Rachel Rathmell Robinson (21st May 1845 Rigton, Yorkshire– 29th Jan 1922 Pannal Ash, Yorkshire)
Death: 13th June 1919, Pannal Ash.

5.         John Brooks: c.1812 Warsill, Yorkshire, England
Baptised: 23rd December 1812, Middlesmoor, Yorkshire, England
Married: 11th June 1838, Harrogate
Elizabeth Anderson (c.1820 Kearby, Yorkshire – 1st Nov 1898 Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire)
Death: 19th October 1893 Knox, Bilton with Harrogate.

6.            George Brooks: c.1763 Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, England
Baptised: 4th December 1763, Pateley Bridge
Married: 6th November 1809, Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire, England
Ellen Burrill (c.1775 Longside, Nidderdale, Yorkshire –1st May 1856 Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire)
Burial: 2nd May 1835, Harrogate.

7.         James Brooks: c.1730 Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, England
Baptised: 17th May 1730, Pateley Bridge
Married: 6th July 1756, Pateley Bridge
Alice Hudson (c.1735 – 31st Jan 1771 Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire)
Death: Unknown.

8.            William (Gulielmus) Brucks: c.1696 Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, England